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Nearly 50 democracy activists charged with subversion in Hong Kong

We await the apologists for China to make the inane argument about remaining out of the domestic affairs of the country.


If LeBron James wants to speak out about human rights…

…then he must speak out about what is happening to the Uighurs in China. 

And therein lies a challenge: Will the face of the NBA, a man who has used his name to call out racial inequality (and worse) in the United States, do the same to China, which already has made clear it will penalize the league anytime one of its players or front office personnel question China’s human rights record?

If James does say something, then he validates his statement that he will speak out whenever there is injustice anywhere in the world.

If James doesn’t, then he leaves himself ripe for criticism that he will allow China to silence him. 

Sadly, James didn’t ask for this controversy. The asinine comments of a popular international soccer player, who said James should basically keep his mouth shut and just play basketball, led James to say he’ll not stay silent.

Now he has to prove it.

Popular Dallas radio DJ has passed

60…far too young


U.S. Soccer now will allow players to kneel during anthem without sanction

You know someone will reply to this post and indicate he/she will never watch or root for the U.S. national teams ever again


Which UK newspaper calls teachers “militant” for trying to keep schools closed?

You really don’t have to think hard for the answer, do you?