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British lads: You can’t be Prince William

The Guardian has the details.

British actors will be barred from auditioning to play Prince William in a forthcoming film, because of new restrictions introduced after the country separates from the EU in January.

new casting notice asking for boys aged between nine and 12 years old,
who could conceivably play William at age 11, stipulates that only
European passport holders can apply. “NOT British-European,” warns the
note, “due to new Brexit rules from 1st January 2021.”

British PM: Please work from home until April, if possible

Liverpool Central Library, 11March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

The Guardian has the story.

The government’s 64-page Covid-19 winter plan suggested that working from home was one of the three key areas highlighted by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage). The other policies apparently suggested by Sage included closing pubs that do not serve food in tier 2 areas and closing all hospitality venues in tier 3 areas.

Boris Johnson supports bullying?

Liverpool’s Metropolitan Christ the King Cathedral, 10March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

After reading this story from the Guardian, tell me what you think.

Boris Johnson drove his own ethics adviser to quit on Friday as he ripped up the rulebook by refusing to sack Priti Patel despite a formal investigation finding evidence that she bullied civil servants.