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Six more days

Six more days until

-this “American carnage” ends

-“I am always thinking” can contemplate golf, or prison, or his taxes, or his favorite daughter

-“Everyone’s leaving” the most corrupt administration in America history

-A president will take the pandemic seriously and not merely tell people to wear a mask “if it makes you feel comfortable”

-A “hunch” will not override science

-No one has to contemplate what the hell “a ship ventilation system is very much — they circularize. And they are very much under review, to be honest with you” means.

-The three-times married, twice-impeached, one-term blowhard exits the political stage

And one can hope that even with a Senate trial likely to end in acquittal that Americans learn how eager this tyrant was to lead a coup so he could remain in power.

(Here’s the link to the some of the quotes, and here’s the link to the others. *The carnage comment comes from his inauguration address, which isn’t included in these two links.)

Remembering American myths

The terrible events that unfolded in Washington on Wednesday were another painful reminder that the myths of America often ring hollow.

America speaks of exceptionalism, but remember how many Americans kill each other with little remorse. Unless the victim is considered pretty, white and female, the person who dies often does so with the country reacting with barely a shrug.

America suggests it has a respect for the common man and woman, but consider how intense the effort is to stifle giving our most vulnerable a legitimate living wage.

America argues for the value of family, but consider what kind of society would doom the unborn and separate families.

America puts forth the idea of faith, but consider the mocking of those people who place their faith at the center of their lives.

America honors the Statue of Liberty, but consider the intensity to slam the proverbial front door of America to multiple groups because of their skin color or religious beliefs.

America claims to respect the power of the vote, but many politicians are supported when they seek restrictions on minorites who want to vote.

America insists it is a benign force for good throughout the world, but its men and women are regularly sent into battle with the principal intent being protecting access to oil.

Accuse me of generalizing, if you wish. But my reply is simple: Prove me wrong.

ICYMI: Antifa? B.S.

It didn’t take long for the now familiar and always empty narrative to pop up: The Antifa crowd was responsible for the violence at the Capitol on Wednesday.


Over the past four years, depending upon which bogeyman was more convenient to accuse, either the Deep State or Antifa has caused the unrest in this country. Each (or are they always working together?) has only one goal in mind: undermining Donald Trump.


Donald Trump lacks either a soul or a spine. He is eager to foment violence and hate, and then he scampers away to the safety of his Twitter account. (And, yes, I know his account was suspended on Wednesday evening.) Through that platform, he tells us that he can do no wrong. He screams that he wants to take back America from… who exactly?…and return it to the people.


The hollow statements from the right made on Wednesday suggesting “peaceful protesters” inside the Capitol were incited to violence by Antifa, which mysteriously had burrowed its way into the crowd, are…


These domestic terrorists who attacked one of America’s most important symbols of democracy were incited by Trump alone. His mountain of lies about fraudulent ballots and a stolen election intentionally mock the good men and women across this country who seek fair and free elections in their states. He wanted violence, and his minions delivered for him.

The lunatics who invaded the Capitol wanted to cause mayhem. They wanted to cause destruction. They do not — and never will — represent peace and freedom.

If you refuse to believe that and instead cling to the nonsense that “Antifa did it,” then you are telling former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, all of whom spoke out against what happened on Wednesday, that they are complicit with the Deep State or Antifa. You are telling the many politicians from the left and the right who rebuked the domestic terrorists that they are being played by the Deep State or Antifa. You are telling multiple current and former government officials — many with decades of public service — that they are complicit with the Deep State or Antifa.

And you are telling Trump that he is a man worthy of respect.

How pitiful you must be.