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Reuters: Putin’s approval rating holds steady despite Navalny crackdown: poll

This will get a few people’s underwear all knotted up.

Reuters: Putin’s approval rating holds steady despite Navalny crackdown: poll.


Reuters wastes a headline and a story

Reuters has distributed the most boring headline possible to a story that really isn’t one.

The report suggests a new poll indicates that British prime minister Boris Johnson could lose his seat in the next election.

That election takes place in 2024.

Or more than 1,000 days from today.

These kinds of stories have zero news value. Moreover, and maybe more worrisome for journalism, they allow critics to advance a narrative that polls make news, no matter what. Of course, and especially in the United Kingdom, a story like this will provide fodder to those who insist that the mainstream media will seek to undermine Johnson because they were in support of the UK remaining within the European Union.

In short, an empty piece of (non-)journalism from an otherwise quality news organization.

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Overwhelming opinion: China handled coronavirus better than the U.S.

Public Domain image

The Guardian reports the results of a new study that can only be described as a slap in the face for the U.S.

China has beaten the US in the battle for world opinion over the handling of coronavirus, according to new polling, with only three countries out of 53 believing the US has dealt with the pandemic better than its superpower rival.

The survey comes ahead of a major conference on the future of democracy this week, due to be addressed by the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state John Kerry and the Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong.

Which is talked about most on your campus this fall?

Curious to your answer to this poll question:

FINANCIAL TIMES: White men are overwhelmingly the most likely to feel financially better off under Donald Trump: poll —


All other groups are significantly more dissatisfied. Only 33 per cent of white women believe they are better off financially now than they were in 2016

via White men are overwhelmingly the most likely to feel financially better off under Donald Trump: poll — National Post