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the one-time shining city on a hill

The teenager remembers a man speak of a shining city on a hill

A land where dreams could come true

(Even if only for some people)

The young adult remembers another man speak of a thousand points of light

A land where people would help those in need

(And there were millions who were)

The adult remembers another man say he believed in a place called hope

A land where opportunity still could be found

(But, of course, not for all)

The middle-aged man remembers another man say carnage was coming to an end

A land that would come first

(But only he wanted to come first)

That teenager who that quickly became a middle-aged man

Often thinks of shining cities, thousands of points of light and places called hope

(And knows not this land)

A boy you never met

2016 Military Bowl, 27Dec2016, Wake Forest vs Temple; Photo: Anthony Moretti

A boy you never met

Became a man you never knew

He walked familiar ground

But almost a decade later than you

He’s gone now

It’s sad, especially thinking about what happened

And about the other things that must have

God’s eternal care will erase his pain


The forces advance without pause

But with their honored and noble cause

Unceasing and unbending

Fearlessness unending

Heroes to some, villains to others

All claiming a blood oath to sisters and brothers

As if playing a video game

They are seeking fortune and fame

But with bullets real

CausIng injuries that might not heal

Do they know? Do they care?

Do not cross them, don’t you dare

For they are good, so they say

And they promise not to go away

If they are not deterred

More people will be interred