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Potential for 350 faculty cuts in Pennsylvania

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 27May2017

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports as many as 350 full-time faculty throughout Pennsylvania could be laid off over the next few months.

The cuts would bring faculty-student ratios more in line with enrollment declines over the last decade — part of a system redesign in the works since January 2017. The timeline to achieve that initially was five years, but Chancellor Daniel Greenstein condensed that to two years this spring as the pandemic compounded financial struggles at the 14 member universities.

I wrote this blog post earlier today, but I was unaware of the announcement about the potential cuts mentioned above.

Beaver County, PA. Resident: “Joe Biden is not qualified for the job”

The Guardian sent a reporter to Beaver County, Pennsylvania, where there are plenty of registered Democrats prepared to vote for Donald Trump this November.

One of them made her opinions very clear:

”I’m sticking with Trump. He’s the lesser of two evils, and he cares for working people, that’s the bottom line. Joe Biden is not qualified for the job and doesn’t seem sincere. The whole party has become unethical.”