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Toronto must be given independence!

Wait. Whoa!

Toronto is part of Canada, an independent nation. So Toronto also…


The Toronto Star explains.

How is possible that one man — the premier — can get up one morning and decide he doesn’t like the people who you’ve elected to run your city, disrupt an election that has already started, and do it without any limitations from anyone or any institution? How is it defensible that this one man could, if he chooses, wipe out your entire city council, abolish the mayor’s office and take control of your city?

Poll: Favorable view of U.S. higher education, but…

…the news is not all positive.

Inside Higher Ed summarizes the data.

Today, WGBH (Boston’s public radio station) is releasing a national survey of adults (conducted with ABT Associates) that generally finds a more positive outlook among the more than 1,000 people surveyed. But in key areas, such as the use of affirmative action, the public does not support the policies favored by most higher education leaders.

SIU officials, to athletes and cheerleaders: Don’t you dare protest anything

The Chronicle of Higher Education has the details.

Several free-speech groups have cried foul. A central purpose of a public university is “to engage students and the community in the issues of our time,” Ed Yohnka, communications and public-policy director for the Illinois chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a written statement.