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Maryland’s Republican governor pays South Koreans to fix problem they caused?

The Washington Post has the details.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) spent $9.46 million in state funding to import 500,000 coronavirus tests from South Korea that turned out to be flawed and weren’t used, emails, documents and interviews show.

As it became clear that the much-touted tests could not help detect which Maryland residents had contracted the novel coronavirus, the Hogan administration quietly paid the same South Korean company $2.5 million for 500,000 replacement tests.


Attention Pittsburgh and U.S. history buffs

The New York Times’ story on Braddock’s trail is a must-read for anyone who appreciates history and especially for those who appreciate history in and around the city of Pittsburgh.

Braddock’s expedition would serve as a warm-up for some colonists who went on to greater things. Benjamin Franklin supplied wagons. Daniel Boone drove one of them. Meanwhile, Braddock needed men with experience. He knew that a young officer of the Virginia militia had headed toward the Forks the year before. At 22, George Washington had been sent to warn the French away. His trip turned into a diplomatic nightmare when his troops attacked the French they were supposed to parley with. The incident was one of the sparks that touched off the war.

Now, Washington, eager to remove the stain of controversy, showed up at Fort Cumberland, ready for duty. The tiny log cabin where he stayed until the army set off has been preserved, though it has been moved from its original site within the fort to a little park across the street from the church. You can’t go in, but you can peer through the window at the diorama inside.