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Stop blaming Russia

“Blame Russia“ has become the Bobo doll for too many American politicians, government officials, journalists and the public.

Like the Bobo doll, “Blame Russia” pops up every now and then (just this week for example), and it needs to be smashed down. But at some point it returns, because the aforementioned politicians, government officials, journalists and the public let it, and it has to be knocked backward again.

Such a silly cycle of action and reaction.

If the concept of the Bobo doll doesn’t suit you, then perhaps the monster under the bed will.

Much like the monster under the bed that scares children all over the world, “Blame Russia” is not a real thing. But if you allow the monster to continue frightening you, then you’ve given it life.

And so “Blame Russia” is alive and well.

Unnamed sources here. Classified information there. Foreign sources, too. All used to press the narrative that Russia is eager to undermine the upcoming election. But no one talks about the many examples of America’s heavy-handed actions in upsetting regional relations.

Spare me the 2016 election interference story. Instead, you and I need to remember this: Roughly 55,000 voters across three states decided that Donald Trump was the better candidate than Hillary Clinton. Chauvinism, sexism, white supremacy, decades of anti-Clinton conversation (especially on talk radio) and fear defined a voting decision that cannot be undone.

If those roughly 55,000 voters had chosen her over him, Trump’s Electoral College triumph would have been a Clinton Electoral College victory.

Like many of you reading this post, I believed then (and still do now) that Trump was the vastly inferior candidate. Had I not voted for Clinton, I would have selected a so-called third-party candidate.

That was then. In roughly 40 days, Americans will decide whether Trump or Joe Biden will lead the country over the next four years. Right now, the highly credible projects Biden has a 77% chance of winning.

Solid odds. But not guaranteed. Should Trump pull off what could be called an “upset,” would certain people blame Russia?

U.S., to Chinese at Houston consulate: GET OuT!

The New York Times reports the Trump administration has ordered China to close one of its consulates immediately.

China vowed to retaliate, calling the action illegal. Hours after the administration issued its order on Tuesday, consulate employees burned papers in open metal barrels in a courtyard of the Houston building, prompting police officers and firefighters to rush to the area.

The move comes as President Trump’s campaign strategists, anxious about his failures on the pandemic, are pushing a comprehensive anti-China message in an appeal to Mr. Trump’s supporters.

China (justifiably) mocks the United States

Public Domain image

As the New York Times reports, China is using the bitter unrest in the U.S. to tout its stability at home.

”This situation in the U.S. will make more Chinese people support the Chinese government in its efforts to denounce and counter America,” Song Guoyou, a scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai, said in an interview. “The moral ground of the United States is indeed greatly weakened.”