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The story of Trump’s enablers

A fascinating — and detailed — story will be written one day that explains how Donald Trump identified enough people to do his bidding.

As just one example, how did Rudy Giuliani move from being the celebrated mayor of New York City to an enabler in less than two decades?

We know that loonies such as Roger Stone gravitate to oddball Republicans, but how did otherwise seemingly reasonable people become what they’ve become over the past four or so years?

Forget Mitch McConnell. He was a snake long before Trump became president. But what about Vice President Mike Pence? His claim to being an upstanding and morale man flies in the face of his subservience to Trump. Why has Lindsey Graham swooned so hard and so often for the president?

And then there are the millions of voters who opted for a man with zero ethical or moral compass who say they are grounded in these traits.

Perhaps the answer is none of the people mentioned above ever were people of integrity, and Trump allowed their racism, hatred and nationalism to wake from the depths of their vacuous bodies.

It will be worth reading this sordid tale.

Trump refuses to concede because of money and…

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

The Boston Globe reports Donald Trump is thinking about today and tomorrow as he refuses to concede an election he has lost.

The first thing is this is about grabbing as much money as Trump can. Since the election, Trump established paperwork creating two committees and both have interesting fine print. …

The second thing to keep in mind is that the Trump campaign has a national platform right now to question a lot about election integrity. It may come off as sour grapes since they lost. It may undermine American democracy. But constantly repeating unfounded claims about widespread voter fraud, as Trump does on his Twitter feed, might be very effective at shaping voting laws in the future.

Neither Trump’s 2016 nor Biden’s 2020 win is fraudulent

Put the pitchforks away.

Think logically.

Recognize facts.

The lunacy that Russia caused Donald Trump to win in 2016 is being matched now by the lunacy that illegal votes helped Joe Biden win the presidency in 2020.


Trump legally and fairly won in 2016.

Biden legally and fairly won in 2020. (Yes, I’m stating he won; there’s no way Trump is going to make up the difference in at least two of the states in which he trails. He’s lost. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.)

Toss away your conspiracy theories.

Be an adult.

Accept victory with humility and defeat with grace.

And for those of you who want to argue 2016 all over again, please spare me the tired case that Russia “influenced” the outcome four years ago.


For every disinformation campaign you wish to identify, I can come up with rally after rally in which the Obamas made an appearance. We’re done talking about 2016.

The voters in 2016 made their choice. What has happened since then cannot be changed.

The voters in 2020 have made theirs. What will happen as a result of a Biden presidency is still be to determined.

The victory then and the victory now is legitimate.

Let’s move on and address the problems that need attention in this country.