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Political unrest again in Hong Kong

Reuters has the details.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy opposition lawmakers said on Wednesday they
would resign in protest against the dismissal of four of their
colleagues from the city assembly after Beijing gave local authorities
new powers to further curb dissent.

Democrats, a warning

Democrats (and many who aren’t) are celebrating the news indicating Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

The impending change in the Executive Branch also will be well received around the world.


…Biden and his supporters (and, yes, I voted for him) need to take his victory with a significant warning: His victory did not come with a sweeping mandate or with any coattails.

There’s a chance the Democrats won’t have a majority in the Senate, and they also might not have increased their lead in the House. In addition, so-called down ballot results across the country indicate there was no Blue Wave this week.

I might be guilty of throwing water on the man’s parade, but the reality is Biden is not seen as a major change agent throughout the land.

I confess, I wanted a GOP wipe out this week. The party has become a national embarrassment, in my opinion. The results suggest that opinion is not shared by tens of millions of voters.

President-elect Joe Biden will face stiff headwinds as he attempts to address the deeply rooted problems our nation faces.

ICYMI: Stop the count!

Stop the counting of ballots so that the man who cares nothing about democracy can be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election?

Uh, no.

These votes were made before or on Election Day. That makes them valid; they must be considered.

And those of you in the streets advocating for such an ILLEGAL activity are demonstrating your fundamental ignorance of law and your never-to-be-requited love for a madman.