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Reuters wastes a headline and a story

Reuters has distributed the most boring headline possible to a story that really isn’t one.

The report suggests a new poll indicates that British prime minister Boris Johnson could lose his seat in the next election.

That election takes place in 2024.

Or more than 1,000 days from today.

These kinds of stories have zero news value. Moreover, and maybe more worrisome for journalism, they allow critics to advance a narrative that polls make news, no matter what. Of course, and especially in the United Kingdom, a story like this will provide fodder to those who insist that the mainstream media will seek to undermine Johnson because they were in support of the UK remaining within the European Union.

In short, an empty piece of (non-)journalism from an otherwise quality news organization.

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An ode to 2020

Twenty twenty

A year unlike no other

That’s what people say

Historians wink and nod

They’ve got stories for another day

Twenty twenty

Those many days at home

We certainly will remember

Zooming in our comfy clothes

From March until December

Twenty twenty

The sports that weren’t played

The theatre going pitch black

Concerts that were silenced

Entertainment, we did lack

Twenty twenty

A Minnesota man was murdered

Causing protests near and far

America’s racial problem

Such a painful visible scar

Twenty twenty

Murder hornets made the news

But they seemed mighty small

Compared to a virus

That sought to infect us all

Twenty twenty

China crushed Hong Kong

And freedom took a slap

While some evil men in America

Planned a governor’s kidnap

Twenty twenty

Harry and Meghan said tata

To all that royal stuff

Americans bid farewell to RBG

That lady, she was tough

Twenty twenty

Boris got Brexit done

Donald lost an election

But still don’t know how many men

Epstein helped get an…

What a year!

International media rip into UK prime minister Johnson

Liverpool, 9March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

The Guardian has the details.

If never quite explicit, the schadenfreude is palpable as dozens of countries, days before the end of the Brexit transition period and with no trade deal yet agreed, suspend travel from the UK in response to the new, more contagious coronavirus variant.

Much of the blame was on Boris Johnson, whose U-turn on Christmas had “once more shown the yawning gulf between the prime minister’s airy promises and the real world,” said Germany’s Die Welt.