Committee for a Sane U.S.-China Policy: Latest U.S. defense plan screams cold war

The Committee for a Sane U.S.-China Policy has analyzed the Biden administration’s budget request for 2022 and concludes trouble is on the horizon.

Unlike in past years, when the Armed Forces were expected to prepare for a multitude of threats – ranging from terrorist strikes to regional conflicts in the Middle East and Asia – this year’s budget request subordinates all other such concerns to the overriding task of confronting the PRC. Even Russia – once partnered with China as a “great-power adversary” – has been downgraded as a secondary threat when compared to that purportedly posed by China. 

As explained by the Pentagon, China’s military poses the greatest threat to U.S. security and so constitutes the “pacing challenge” – the most fearsome peril that U.S. forces must be capable of overpowering in any future war. If capable of defeating China, the logic goes, America’s Armed Services (the “Joint Force”) will be more than adequate to overcome any lesser threat, including Russia and North Korea. 

Full disclosure: I have asked to be among those supporting the Committee’s statement about avoiding a new Cold War.

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