Him. That one over there

Looks like a normal guy to me

He don’t belong on our land

Oh, I think he does

Don’t he get it?

Don’t YOU get it?

Ain’t hard to understand

Hateful thinking, buzz buzz

Now, wait, don’t you dare

Nope, I don’t have to

Say something mean about me

You’re doing quite well

I’m only saying what’s right

Of course you are

This is America, don’t you see?

You’re one of them, I can tell

He’s different from us

No, I don’t think so

Look at me and you

Character, color and all that

Now look at him

A kind, decent man

You and I, American, through and through

Let’s invite him over for a chat

Don’t call me racist

No, wouldn’t dare

A bigot? No way

Nope, of course not

I speak the truth only

Oh, here we go

In the good ol’ U S of A.

You play that card quite a lot

I’m not saying he’s bad

Never thought that for a second

Lord, Heavens no

So, what do you think?

It just would be better

Right into my trap

If somewhere else, he would go

A real American, wink, wink

My people have been here

True for his, too

For ages and ages

Oh, history, can we take a look?

We’re hard workers

Funny, so is he

We earn our wages

Classic racist, straight out of the book

Come on, libtard

Oh, you hurt me so

You know that I’m right

Libtard! What a word!

I heard Tucker say it

We should wrap this up

On FOX News last night

Hannity, he’s another turd

Fine, be that way

Open minded, I shall stay

You idiot pinko Commie

You Trumpian fascist

At the ready, my guns

Your phallic symbol

To protect me and mommy

Thanks, we get the gist

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