WaPo columnist urges Japan to cancel Olympics, send IOC a message

One Washington Post columnist suggests the Japanese Olympics organizers should send the International Olympic Committee a stern message: Go away.

Suppose Japan were to break the contract. What would the IOC do? Sue? If so, in what court of justice? Who would have jurisdiction? What would such a suit do to the IOC’s reputation — forcing the Games in a stressed and distressed nation during a pandemic?

By the way, the columnist also did what is now apparently mandatory in all Western reporting: Bash China.

…virtually the only government leaders that will have anything to do with the IOC anymore are thugocrats such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, who can coerce labor and spend limitlessly for prestige. Over the past 20 years, other potential hosts have dried up.

Was that really necessary? It also doesn’t reflect reality: France (2024), Italy (2026) and the U.S. (2028) are hosting the Games later this decade.

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