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More than 100 teachers, staff to one school district: We’re done

Yet another reminder — this time from the Miami Herald — that hundreds of teachers and staff from around the country are willing to suspend or end their careers rather than return to a classroom during a pandemic.

The ire is most tangible in the number of teachers who chose to either retire or resign since mid-December, when the district sent a memo to employees ordering any still working remotely to report to their brick-and-mortar schools for the spring semester’s January start.

Instead of coming back, however, more than 70 decided to leave their professions…

This is in addition to 42 non-instructional staff members who chose to leave district employment over the same time frame, according to the district’s public information office.

As I was took the last couple of turns heading into Robert Morris University on Monday afternoon, I drove past roughly 10 elementary or middle school children heading home from their day in school. I couldn’t decide whether to be more excited (it was the end of the school day and they were walking toward a warm home on a cold afternoon) or scared (what in the world were they doing inside a classroom for the past seven or so hours) for them.

And I also was wondering what their teachers were feeling at that moment.

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