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Associated Press EXCLUSIVE: Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot

Imagine that.

People close to Trump were involved in sedition. 

The Associated Press is a must read.

A room

In a room that is big

I can feel small and alone

Or large and surrounded by humanity

In a room that is small

I can feel safe and protected

Or closed in and desperate for a human touch

If you think about

It is not the size of the room

But how I feel

When I am in one

It happened

It happened

As it should

Scripted perfectly

As we know it would

Perhaps blame you

Or maybe not

It all depends

On what power you’ve got

You cry foul

Others cry fair

Voices echo loudly

In the murky lair

Truth and lies

Mere words thrown around

I know what I think

So how does that sound?

Who is it now?

Who is it now?

Who have you placed in your crosshairs today?

Who must be shown how impotent you are?

As you scream, others laugh.