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Indian journalist says she was duped into believing she had a teaching job at Harvard

Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, MA. Public domain photo.

Something doesn’t add up.

A prominent television journalist in India says she quit her job there because she was offered a faculty position at Harvard.

The Boston Globe has the details.

“While I was making preparations to take up my new assignment, I was later told that due to the ongoing pandemic, my classes would commence in January 2021,” she wrote in a tweet that had been shared nearly 17,000 times.

Soon after, Razdan said she began noticing “a number of administrative anomalies” about the process that the person — or persons — described to her during their correspondence.

Here’s what bothers me about this: To believe this story, I have to accept Nidhi Razdan agreed to teach at Harvard and never once went online to learn anything about the (nonexistent) journalism program at the university.

Not once?


You provide a model for how not to behave

Yet you smile through it all

You care only for yourself

Brazen, beholden to no one

You have no honor

Bereft of character

You will not be missed