Pollard, Adelson will spend eternity in Israel; your opinion is irrelevant

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A little more than two weeks ago, Jonathan Pollard was granted his wish: He, accompanied by his ailing wife, landed in Israel. Pollard, an American, had spent three decades in prison after he was found guilty of spying for Israel. The Pollards will spend the remainder of their lives in the land they love.

On Thursday, Sheldon Adelson’s body was flown to Israel. The billionaire casino magnate died earlier this week, and his wish was to be buried in the land he loved.

Both men should be lauded for their determination to be where they wanted to be.

Pollard was released from prison in November 2015, but the terms of his parole required him to remain in the U.S. for another five years. His wishes were always clear; and in the waning days of the Trump presidency, they were granted. Whether Pollard should have been allowed to leave the U.S. is moot; he’s in Israel. End of story.

Adelson was a tireless advocate for Israel. He was adored by some for his philanthropy and his political positions, and he was vilified by others who believed he had a stranglehold on America’s conservative politicians. No one can question the depth or sincerity of his devotion to Israel. End of story.

No man or woman ought to be denied spending eternity where he or she wishes. For Jonathan Pollard and Sheldon Adelson (and I presume their spouses), that place is Israel.

They are happy. Good for them.

Six more days

Six more days until

-this “American carnage” ends

-“I am always thinking” can contemplate golf, or prison, or his taxes, or his favorite daughter

-“Everyone’s leaving” the most corrupt administration in America history

-A president will take the pandemic seriously and not merely tell people to wear a mask “if it makes you feel comfortable”

-A “hunch” will not override science

-No one has to contemplate what the hell “a ship ventilation system is very much — they circularize. And they are very much under review, to be honest with you” means.

-The three-times married, twice-impeached, one-term blowhard exits the political stage

And one can hope that even with a Senate trial likely to end in acquittal that Americans learn how eager this tyrant was to lead a coup so he could remain in power.

(Here’s the link to the some of the quotes, and here’s the link to the others. *The carnage comment comes from his inauguration address, which isn’t included in these two links.)