More proof that some people who support the soon-to-be former president of the United States will stop at nothing to sow discord.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has the story.

“Many people are seeing different facts and parts of the story about what happened in each state,” wrote Kiron K. Skinner, the institute’s director and a professor, on Thursday to colleagues. “In many cases, there simply isn’t just one set of facts. A research project for some group of us would be to investigate on our own the election outcome in a handful of states. We could be surprised at what we find.”

Skinner, who served on President Trump’s transition team and worked in his administration in the State Department, sent this email and others just one day after a violent mob broke into the U.S. Capitol, spurred on by Trump and right-wing provocateurs falsely alleging election fraud.

No, there are no “different facts.” Trump lost. And anyone who wishes to be considered legitimate in higher education needs to state that clearly.