What will I tell my students

After the news from Kenosha today?

Should I tell them that justice is blind

So the DA is okay?

Or do I speak the well heard cry:

No justice, no peace

To those who like angry dogs

Stretch the already taut leash?

Do I say if Jacob Blake

Would have simply put up his hands

None of this would have happened

No disturbance across the lands?

As I speak to them soon

About seven shots in the back

I’ll know what many of them think:

Because he was black.

How many more times

Will a black family ask it

Where is the justice

For my loved one in the casket?

And even when like Blake

The victims survive the shooting

Are their families suppose to say

“Be calm, please no looting?”

Maybe I must tell my students

Forget what they saw

Because change will only come

When they help write new law.

Is that sufficient?

Is that message good enough?

If it contains the rage

Will some say, “Good stuff?”

And soon we all retreat

To the places we’ve long realized

While Blake just lies there

Likely forever paralyzed.