A vaccine won’t cure stupidity

In the coming months, Americans who want the coronavirus vaccine will have access to it. They will get jabbed twice in 21 days. They will have confidence they are doing the right thing for themselves and their fellow citizens.

They are responsible people.

Until then, Americans will continue to see their lives disrupted in part because of a president whose sole interest at the end of his term is to promote ludicrous ideas that his re-election was stolen from him.

Americans also will continue to see their lives disrupted by millions of people who believe a mask is an infringement on their rights, or who insist the pandemic is a fraud, or who remain convinced their lives will go on without a care in the world.

These are not responsible people.

The pandemic has demonstrated the selfishness inside too many Americans. It also has shown that too many Americans don’t give a damn about personal responsibility, science or common sense. They are quick to blame rational political leaders and intelligent medical professionals for altering their lives, refusing to see reality that a virus will not be kept in check if normal behavior is continued.

Of course, some of those people also will get jabbed. They’ll do it only because they want to carry on their “me” existence.

What a country.

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