Music as an elixir for those with dementia?

John Suchet, who has enjoyed a remarkable career in British television and the arts, spoke to the Guardian about how classical music was so valuable when his first wife was dying from dementia.

“You expect to grow old with your spouse – you’re the same age, roughly,” he said. “So why has it happened to them, not you? Every single carer of a spouse with dementia feels guilt all the time. And the ultimate feeling of guilt is when you have to take them from their home and hand them over. So when something comes along that gives them a feeling of pleasure, you seize it.”

Side note: When I was in England in 2015, I was honored to listen in when Suchet delivered a master class to faculty at students at Liverpool John Moores University. He was on campus because the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic was celebrating its 175th anniversary, a celebration concert I was so very fortunate to attend.

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