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Massachusetts’ colleges and universities a model of success in coronavirus fight

Photo: Anthony Moretti 22March2016

The Boston Globe has the details.

The immense undertaking by many New England colleges and universities included testing students when they first arrived on campus, requiring them to wear face masks and limit social gatherings, and, throughout the fall, making everyone on campus undergo a nose swab test for COVID-19 at least once a week — with results usually available within less than 24 hours.


They are so tough

So strong

So self-assured

That a “girl”

Kicking a football

Made them angry

The Neanderthal opens up about “girls” and football

“Girls” shouldn’t play football because they…

…might get hurt

Praise Jesus, no man has ever been hurt playing the sport!

…don’t know the game

By God, I never knew the male reproductive organ included knowledge about football!

…might cry if they lose

So, male athletes who have cried aren’t men?

…are ladies, and ladies shouldn’t play a sport like football

So, men who are considered gentlemen ought not play the game either, right?

…don’t get that football is a man’s sport

Please define “a man’s sport?”

…aren’t as strong as guys

Thankfully, every man is of the same size and weight, so we don’t need to think about this logically

…have all those other sports

Men do, too.

…might see a guy, you know, without clothes on

Your mom saw your dad that way, and, sadly, you were the result

…should stick to themselves

Yes, segregation has a long record of success everywhere it’s been practiced

…are trying to force men and women to play together, and that doesn’t happen

Tennis, anyone?

…are… well, never mind because it’s obvious you’re one of those people who think women can do anything, including play football

You finally said something that made sense.

The kicker

The kicker

No one in the powerful world

Has seen one like this before

Dinosaurs roar

Such fools they are


The strong man smiles

As his friend brings death

Both men unchecked

And unhinged

An enemy promises


This is no

Circle of life