An ode to Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez returned from the dead

And assisted in putting Trump’s presidency to bed

So said Rudy, who never would lie

Even with his running hair dye

We await eagerly

The latest resurrection to be

As we send to God’s most loving care

Our virus victims, speak of whom Trump won’t dare

The story of Trump’s enablers

A fascinating — and detailed — story will be written one day that explains how Donald Trump identified enough people to do his bidding.

As just one example, how did Rudy Giuliani move from being the celebrated mayor of New York City to an enabler in less than two decades?

We know that loonies such as Roger Stone gravitate to oddball Republicans, but how did otherwise seemingly reasonable people become what they’ve become over the past four or so years?

Forget Mitch McConnell. He was a snake long before Trump became president. But what about Vice President Mike Pence? His claim to being an upstanding and morale man flies in the face of his subservience to Trump. Why has Lindsey Graham swooned so hard and so often for the president?

And then there are the millions of voters who opted for a man with zero ethical or moral compass who say they are grounded in these traits.

Perhaps the answer is none of the people mentioned above ever were people of integrity, and Trump allowed their racism, hatred and nationalism to wake from the depths of their vacuous bodies.

It will be worth reading this sordid tale.