Targeting times six

I spent Saturday afternoon watching college football, something I hadn’t done in almost two years.

The more things change, the more things stay the same with that sport.

As I flipped from game to game (I was really interested in only one), I saw on six different occasions the game stop so that the referee could review possible targeting penalties.

Three things struck me as one potential targeting infraction after another unfolded.

  1. The current sanctions aren’t strong enough to rein in the players.
  2. Coaches aren’t doing what they need to do to teach their players to stop targeting.
  3. Players either don’t want to or don’t care to change their behavior.

In one situation, the player who was waiting to find out if he’d been disqualified from the game was laughing with his teammates on the sidelines. A few teammates either fist bumped or otherwise celebrated his idiotic actions.

One of the reasons I stepped away from watching football, on all levels, was because I was convinced it had become too dangerous. (I’m not alone in that belief.)

I saw plenty yesterday to validate that belief. I won’t be watching next weekend.

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