Europe offers hope during the pandemic; the U.S. offers shrugs

Liverpool Central Library, 11March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

The Boston Globe offers a blunt reality about one aspect of the fight against coronavirus: European governments are providing significant stimulus dollars to aid their citizens under lockdown, while the U.S. government doesn’t care what happens to its people.

“There’s a very straightforward connection here,” said Marc Draisen, executive director of the regional planning organization Metropolitan Area Planning Council. “If people see they’re getting some help to make it through, they’re going to be more receptive to restrictions.”

And spare me the argument that Europe is promoting socialism. It’ s promoting common sense.

Of course, no one stimulus effort will completely make up for shuttered businesses, lost wages and the like. However, Europeans are being sent home with an imperfect assurance that some of their economic needs will be met.

In the United States, people don’t have the confidence that their government can — or wants to — do anything for them. Combine that with the moronic idea that “this is just the flu” and America is destined for hundreds of thousands more coronavirus cases and thousands more deaths from them.

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