Nigel Farage has a new plan

Warrington vs Leeds, 13March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

According to the Guardian,

The most openly anti-lockdown political voice is now coming from the former Ukip leader, who announced on Monday he was rebranding his later vehicle, the Brexit party, as Reform UK with an initial plan to seek an alternative path on Covid.

In a Telegraph article this weekend, Farage formally supported the Great Barrington Declaration – the proposal from an international group of scientists to allow younger and healthy people to return to normal life, while shielding the more vulnerable.

This has been disparaged by many epidemiologists, who say the idea of achieving “herd immunity” without a vaccine is unrealistic, not least given the doubts about how long Covid immunity lasts. With a general election years away, Farage seems likely at some point to rebrand Reform UK as a more general rightwing populist party, focusing on areas such as immigration, crime, and culture-war issues.

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