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How many zeroes

This is what I want to know

Maybe better, or…


You sit at the top

You influence ev’rything

A democracy?

One Texas university won’t give up on sports

An excerpt from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website:

The University of Texas at El Paso is urging students and faculty members to avoid coming to the campus “wherever possible,” closing the student center and campus dining for two weeks. Professors should conduct only critical aspects of classes in person, according to a Thursday letter to the campus. The changes come as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in El Paso have climbed steadily this month.

One big exception? Athletics. “UTEP athletic teams competing in their championship season will continue to practice and compete under the NCAA and Conference USA stringent testing protocols,” Heather Wilson, the university’s president, wrote.

A football game against the University of North Texas has been canceled, despite Wilson’s advocacy to keep the game scheduled. She said in a statement this week that the university had a “safe place to play” and was “disappointed” in North Texas’s decision. 

What is not clear to me is whether these “stringent testing protocols” can be made available to the entire campus — not just at UTEP but throughout the country — and are not being done (too costly?), or if there’s some special arrangement between the NCAA and its partner institutions in which it pays for these tests.

Does anyone know?


A yes or a no

A decision must be made

With no guarantees

ICYMI: A journalism marriage between Donald Trump and Glenn Greenwald?

Public Domain image

Depending upon whom you believe, Glenn Greenwald has left the Intercept — the news website he co-founded in 2014, either because he is a spoiled man-child or because the Intercept has sold its soul.

Either way, Greenwald will soon find himself in a new media venture.

I have no idea what that media venture might be — although wouldn’t it be stunning if he joined with Donald Trump, should Trump lose next week’s presidential election, in a journalism partnership?

Trump and Greenwald might not be ideological brothers in arms, but they share at least one core belief: Russiagate is a bunch of baloney. Now imagine if Trump does what Greenwald would certainly support — pardoning Edward Snowden (which Trump has hinted he might do) — and the potential for a Trump-Greenwald media marriage gains a touch more credibility.

We know Greenwald has no regard for the U.S. media, and Trump has more than once suggested most U.S. journalists ought to be identified as “the enemy of the people.” Another nugget to suggest these two might find professional happiness?

Nonsense, you say? You very well might be correct.

But let’s face it, if Trump is no longer president in a couple of months, he will return to the political sidelines still eager to let people know what he thinks. (And many millions will listen.) Greenwald is now on the media sidelines and still eager to do what he does best: Journalism that defies the accepted narrative of media and political elites in the U.S. And millions of people will read what he writes.

You have to admit: these two would be worth watching.