We must look to the East

The West must look more carefully at the East, and yet…

Stereotypes play well at a time when it’s convenient to lay blame for a pandemic at the feet of a nation of more than 1-billion people

Racism maintains a firm hold because it’s far simpler to think of “the other” as inferior and dangerous

Nationalism, however shaky, stokes anger as a man who wants to be dictator speaks of a greatness that never was.

This triumvirate of transgression stirs the souls of people in the West who would expel their fellow citizens who dare question the narrative of whiteness as greatness. This crowd also see people from another land as evil. They scream that their skin color affords them opportunities that when given to others is an unfair handout.

And, yet, it’s in the East where stunning economic success can be found. There, we find where so much of what we wear and use are made. There, standing up to the Dominance of the West storyline occurs every single day.

There is much we can learn in the East as we look to the future. But we won’t if we keep longing for a past that never was.