Here comes round two

I have little faith enough Americans will do what it takes to fight off round two of coronavirus.

With news that all but two states saw an uptick in coronavirus cases last week and knowing that flu season is approaching, Americans ought to be hyper vigilant about where they go and what they do.

Instead, we see crowds at sporting events and political rallies, as Americans try to soak up a few final days of temperate fall weather.

Such a mistake, especially when participating in those activities includes not wearing a mask and ignoring safe social distancing.

Yes, we’re tired of restrictions, and, yes, we want our lives to feel normal. But alea iacta est, and it was in the spring when President Trump refused to listen to science as he screamed about the “Chinese virus.” We’ll never know how many coronavirus-related deaths and illnesses might have been prevented in the U.S. had he cared more about a crisis and less about rhetoric.

One need to look only to the United Kingdom — another country where poor leadership fueled the initial coronavirus outbreak — to see renewed warning signs. In Manchester, hospitals are running out of beds because people are again being hospitalized at high numbers because of the vicious virus.

That story soon will be told in the U.S.

A vaccine, whenever it is available, remains our best chance to slow down coronavirus. Nevertheless, common sense and practical decision making will be critical as the weather turns colder and we shift to more indoor activity. Will we surrender some of our individuality for the greater good?

I think you and I know the answer to that question.

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