Yesterday, as I lay in a hospital bed, I had nothing to do for almost an hour. (Nope, not discussing why I was there, except to say it was not for something major.)

I almost fell asleep watching golf.

Mind you, that’s not a reflection of my opinion of golf (even though I’m absolutely awful at it); rather, I was alone without a computer or my email, and deliberately using my phone only to communicate with my wife and sons. My mind had a chance to stop working.

When one of the nurses came in to tell me it was time to be rolled into the OR, she joked that I seemed quite content just laying there in a bed.

We spent a few minutes reminding each other how often all of us simply refuse to get off the train that is the hyper-paced world and simply do…nothing. A few minutes later I was sent into dreamland and I really was able to do nothing!

So, enjoy your weekend. I want to make sure to watch the final round of the Scottish Open.