Saudi Gazette: Far too much whitewashing by media of Saudi Arabia’s enemies

Writing in the Saudi Gazette, Saudi writer Anmar Mutaweh challenges the international media to speak more truthfully about Saudi Arabia’s enemies.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia faces enemies from all sides. They have bad intentions and attempt to harm the Kingdom from all angles. This could be seen even from the part of some of those whom the Kingdom considers as its friends. These parties do not hesitate to discredit the Kingdom by directing their compass towards it with dark intentions and vested interests.

Perhaps, Saudophobia is the term best suited for those who work in secret to fabricate news with the aim of offending the Kingdom — its land, government and people. The term Saudophobia denotes their fear of Saudi Arabia when it launches into the bright future with a clear vision, clean goals and confident strategies.

And away we go: Russian official says U.S. claim of arms deal a “delusion”

U.S. official: I thought we had a deal.

Russian official: Uh, no.

Who do you believe?

The Guardian helps answer the question.

Ryabkov said a freeze was “unacceptable” adding that Moscow would not approve a New Start treaty extension before the US election on 3 November.

“If the Americans need to report to their superiors something about which they allegedly agreed with the Russian Federation before their elections, then they will not get it,” Ryabkov said.

So, do you have your dollars on Trump or your rubles on Putin?

A 2,350-pound pumpkin

Where is the Charlie Brown gang when you really need them!

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune introduces us to a man who owns a 2,350-pound pumpkin.

“It’s the heaviest pumpkin weighed in North America this year,” said Tim Beeman, who helps put on the annual Half Moon Bay Festival that was canceled this year because of COVID-19. But a limited version of the pumpkin contest was held and livestreamed.

The Half Moon Bay pumpkin competition, Beeman said, is the “Super Bowl of weigh-offs in the pumpkin growing community” and the star attraction of the festival.

So, if you have the largest pumpkin, you’ve carved a niche for yourself, right?