Here’s the “logic:” If you put 60+ people who have coronavirus into one building, you can count them as one case.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains.

Under the change, students in a designated facility with security and monitoring are considered to be in congregate housing, like a nursing home or prison, and as such are not viewed by the state as a risk for community spread. Therefore, its inhabitants count as one case. …

Monongalia County, home to WVU’s Morgantown campus, repeatedly scored a red designation, the highest-risk category on the alert map, ruling out in-person instruction and scholastic sports. The governor made no secret he’d like that to change in announcing revised treatment of college cases.

“We’ve got to come up with a way that we can better serve our people and count the people properly from the standpoint of West Virginia University, as well as throughout our state with our colleges and universities so our numbers aren’t so skewed in counties with large institutions,” Mr. Justice said.