What is this rhetoric?

The good news is the president of the United States will leave Walter Reed Medical Center in a couple of hours and return to the White House. Americans should take comfort in that news and read it as a sign that the president’s health is improving as he fights coronavirus.

However, this presidency is unlike any in modern American history.

There appear to be three scenarios in play as we dissect what has happened since Donald Trump entered Walter Reed early Friday evening. 

The first is the most frightening: The president’s health is tenuous, at best, and he, his administration and his medical team are deliberately misleading us. If this is the case, then there are only so many smoke and mirrors that can be employed before no one could deny Trump is likely to die. For what my opinion is worth, I think this is the least likely of the scenarios outlined here. I also don’t want this to be the scenario that unfolds this week. 

The second is the most optimistic. The president has a mild case of coronavirus, and he’s making a rapid recovery from the virus that has killed roughly 210,000 Americans. If this is the case, we should hear consistently optimistic reports about the Trump’s health once he returns to the White House. He might not necessarily resume a normal schedule, especially with the election roughly four weeks away, but he at least will handle some of his responsibiities as he continues to convalesce.   

The third is the most unsettling. The president never had coronavirus at all, and everything that has happened over the past 96 or so hours has been designed to increase his election chances. Let’s stop right there because if this scenario is true, Trump can never be trusted no matter how long he holds that title.

Had this been a typical presidency and had the people around Trump been professional, then our national conversation about Trump and coronavirus would never have taken place. However, from day one (remember the lies about the number of people who were in Washington celebrating his inauguration?) this administration has lied, claimed that “alternative facts” are legitimate and sought to create an image of a president who is almost super-human. 

Effusive praise that seems like it was penned by North Korean propaganda officials undermines Americans as they seek to evaluate whether Trump deserves four more years in the White House. It also suggests Trump is a thin-skinned narcissist who wants only to be glorified as a Dear Leader. 

Just how sick is the president? Only the medical people closest to him can tell us, but they are linked to the syncophats. 

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