A Russian journalist immolates herself

News reports from Russia indicate journalist Irina Slavina immolated herself earlier this week.

The stories infer that she cracked under the pressure of trying to be an anti-government reporter. One such suggestion comes from the Guardian, which states

Prior to her self-immolation, Irina Slavina wrote on her Facebook page: “I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death.”

Slavina worked as editor-in-chief at Koza Press, a small local news outlet that advertised itself as having “no censorship, no orders ‘from above’”.

Even if we accept this narrative, there seems no justification for Slavina’s decision. If she wanted to start a revolution, an attempt therefore to remind people of the Tunisian who immolated himself and was credited with starting the Arab Spring, then we can only speculate on whether such a revolution is possible. 

Regardless of what prompted her action, remember that a husband is now a widow and a daughter no longer has a mother. That reality undermines whatever she was attempting to do.

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