The fall term has launched; it’s been imperfect, as expected, with many college leaders announcing that planned on-ground instruction needed to be either temporarily or permanently aborted. Whatever optimism there is on any college campus exists under a “just one mistake and we could be in big trouble” thinking.

Uncomfortable? Yes.

Realistic? Also yes.

Spring awaits, and it’s incumbent upon university leaders to let their faculty, staff and students know what work and learning life will look like during that term. Even if the answer is a simple “we’re going to copy what we’re doing now come 2021,” that information has to be shared.

Sooner rather than later.

Remember, many university leaders chose to outline only the fall semester, not the entire academic year, when they highlighted how September through December would play out on their campus.

Amid legitimate concerns that America might see a “huge” spike in coronavirus cases over the next month or so, decisions about the spring term announced in the coming weeks will be made under a cloud of fear.

Do you know at this point what your institution’s plan is for next semester? If not, do you know when a decision will be announced?

I’m trying to gather as much information as possible, so please share what you know in the reply box at the bottom of this post. You’re welcomed to do so anonymously.