Liverpool’s Metropolitan Christ the King Cathedral, 10March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

Enough about the religious preferences of politicians.

Enough about the religious preferences of judges.

Enough about the religious preferences of anyone.

I don’t care that Joe Biden is Catholic in much the same way that I don’t care Rep. Ilhan Omar is Muslim.

I don’t care that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is Catholic (and I really don’t care that she has seven children). I also don’t care that Judge Barrett celebrates her faith in ways you find questionable.

The religious preferences of any public figure is irrelevant.

Ditto, the sexual orientation of any public figure.

Ditto, his or her skin color.

And, my friends, the number of children a female public figure has is irrelevant. We also can stop talking about the clothes she chooses.

Let’s examine what matters: a person’s professional record and personal conduct.

Everything else is an attempt to score political points.