University president dissed Ivanka Trump in June; the bill came due today

Wichita State University is looking for a new president. Jay Golden has resigned after being in that role for less than a year. And, as the Sunflower reports, his departure now might be linked to a decision he made regarding Ivanka Trump.

In early June, donors threatened to pull funding from the university if the Board of Regents didn’t oust Golden after he changed Ivanka Trump’s graduation speech from keynote to optional. Students held a rally in support of Golden  and after a four-hour meeting, KBOR took no public action and Golden remained president.

Regent Jon Rolph told KMUW that Golden’s resignation is not related to the Ivanka Trump controversy. 

“If the board was going to take action on that, it would have been in June,” Rolph told KMUW. 

That’s one interpretation. Another is to say the regents didn’t want to appear vindictive at the time of Golden’s decision, so they waited for the controversy to die down. In addition, if Golden were shown the door this summer, the institution would have had instability at the top as it considered how to deliver classes in the fall term.

Unless the regents learned of something in Golden’s past that required them to act now, there’s every reason to believe Golden’s parachute was prepared in June.

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