An ode to the campus stroll

That time between classes

Time I must keep for me

To remember to walk the campus

To get out and to be free

The walk I promised

That I would never fail to take

Often neglected in the rush

Of those deadlines to make

A different hat now

With no “just one more thing”

Allows me to get out

To hear the birds sing

The late summer air

Heat likely gone for now

A casual walk, a lazy stroll

Delightful with no sweat on the brow

And as I get around RMU

Walking to and fro

I am reminded of something important

From my buddy ROMO

Duquesne University professor who uttered n-word multiple times refusing to resign reports a Duquesne University professor has made clear to the institution that he won’t resign amid the controversy of his use of the n-word.

On Wednesday morning, the university’s legal team delivered Shank an ultimatum — resign voluntarily, or face the dismissal process, according to emails shared by Shank’s attorney. The university first asked Shank to submit his resignation by noon Wednesday, then sent a follow-up email extending the deadline until the end of day Thursday.

Shank has no intention to resign, according to his attorney.

Shank, who is white, gave participants of the online class in question “permission” to use the N-word “in a pedagogical sense,” though no students did so during the two minutes of video posted to social media. The professor then repeatedly said the word while explaining he was demonstrating a point about how when he was younger it was “a very commonly used word.”

This case is really simple: Let him sue. Because even if Duquesne loses the lawsuit, it wins for taking the high road. The professor can make any (nonsensical) claims that the n-word was being used as an educational exercise, but repeating it as he did while encouraging his students to follow his lead is unethical and unprofessional.

UGH! U of GA bans on-campus voting on Election Day

The University of Georgia’s official Twitter account has informed the campus community that there will be no on-campus voting on Election Day:

How long before the PR nightmare leads to a change in this moronic decision?