Faculty at 8 PA public colleges warned of layoffs

The Observer-Reporter has the details.

California University of Pennsylvania is among eight state-owned schools that have been notified of possible layoffs among union faculty members in the spring to balance budgets.

The number of layoffs at Cal U. and the other universities had yet to be determined, said David Pidgeon, spokesman for the state System of Higher Eduction.

Which U.S. state trusts Trump leasT?

The Boston Globe takes a look at trust in Donald Trump, a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci and scientists.

The researchers observed that higher levels of trust in President Trump were a “powerful predictor, at the state level, of lower rates of vaccine acceptance.” They also said trust in scientists and, particularly, in Dr. Fauci was correlated with greater vaccine acceptance.

“The correlation in trust in Trump and vaccine hesitancy highlights how he is tapping into distrust in elites and institutions more generally,” said David Lazer, a Northeastern University political science and computer science professor who worked on the study.