What if it took two days to get you to the front of the line?

Anger? Tears?

How would you react if told it might take two days to get you to the front of the line in which you find yourself?

The Guardian reports that might happen to truck drivers in the coming months in at least one part of the United Kingdom.

The scale of disruption predicted to hit UK borders post-Brexit is revealed in confidential government documents warning of queues of 7,000 lorries in Kent, and two-day delays to cross into the EU.

A “reasonable worst-case scenario” report, drawn up by the Border and Protocol Delivery Group, forecasts that thousands of passengers could also be forced to wait an extra two hours for Eurostar trains.

I’m thinking that’s not gong to go over well.

Federal judge rules Pennsylvania’s shutdown orders were unconstitutional

Yes, today’s decision is a major victory for people who believed the governor went too far in ordering statewide shutdowns of businesses and other activities last spring.

The governor’s office already has indicated it will appeal the ruling. That appeal might gain traction recognizing that a Philadelphia judge refused to consider a similar case only a couple of weeks ago.

The judge who made today’s ruling was put on the bench by Donald Trump.

In 50 days…

Photo: Anthony Moretti 18July2016

In 50 days, Trump or Biden,

which man’s win will the world be eyin’?

In 50 days, we will decide

which septuagenarian will take the prize.

In 50 days, we will admit

which man is the preferred fit.

In 50 days, a white man or a POC,

which is a heartbeat from replacing he?

In 50 days, we will know

which way the country will go.

In 50 days, an answer will be given,

which will not end strife and division.

In 50 days, the election is o’er,

which means the start of ‘24.

In 50 days.