And it’s doubtful he’ll ever teach any other class at the university again. reports that Gary Shank committed a spectacularly bad and almost certainly career-ending move in a class on Thursday.

“I’m giving you permission to use the word, OK, because we’re using the word in a pedagogical sense. What’s the one word about race that we’re not allowed to use?” asks Shank. 

Nobody responds. 

“I’ll give you a hint: It starts with ‘n,’ “ Shank continues. “OK, I’ll tell you the word. And again, I’m not using it in any way other than to demonstrate a point. Fair enough?”

The professor then says the full N-word and begins discussing how it was used when he was younger: “When I was a young man, all right, that was a very commonly used word.”

Yes, when he was younger, it most certainly was “a very commonly used word.” But America has advanced sufficiently (at least when it comes to that word) to recognize that those who utter it deserve severe penalties for doing do.