Jacobin magazine reports that university leaders have bombarded federal lawmakers, asking for protection from any coronavirus lawsuits.

Colleges and universities across the country have been exploring a number of avenues to get liability immunity. Some, like Bates College and the University of New Hampshire, have pushed students to sign liability waivers. Others have turned to state governments — with some success. North Carolina Democratic governor Roy Cooper signed into law a bill shielding colleges from any lawsuits seeking tuition reimbursements after schools were forced to close earlier this year due to the pandemic.

Then, there are schools directly lobbying the federal government on COVID-19 liability protections, They include: Purdue, Case Western University, the Georgia Institute of TechnologyThe New SchoolMichigan State UniversitySouthern Methodist UniversitySyracuse UniversityTemple UniversityPenn State UniversityUniversity of KansasClemson University, and University of Southern Florida.