Photo: Anthony Moretti 7Sept2015

We’ve all heard the phrase “the rules don’t apply to me.”

We’ve all learned the hard way that, yes, they do.

America’s college and university leaders have established rather strict — and necessary — rules of conduct this fall in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus on their campuses.

On at least two campuses — Northeastern and West Virginia — some students have discovered these no-nonsense policies are going to be enforced.

And they should be.

So, a reminder to the parents of college and university students: Don’t complain if your son or daughter gets caught doing something they shouldn’t have and get suspended as a result. Your kids knew the rules (and if they didn’t, they should’ve) and chose to break them.

And a similar reminder to the students: If you don’t like a certain rule, work to change it. But for as long as the rule remains in effect, you will follow it.

End of story.