America’s colleges and universities beginning the academic year with as many on ground classes as possible will be in a precarious position if faculty, staff and students don’t adhere to safety protocols.

The early indications from at least two major, public institutions: The students are going to do what they want. And we know that means they’re almost certainly going to catch — and spread — coronavirus.

One sorority at Oklahoma State University and one dorm at the University of North Carolina serve as reminders that ignoring the virus will have major consequences.

CNN has the details about the Oklahoma State sorority.

Last night OSU officials learned of 23 positive COVID cases in an off-campus sorority house. The rapid antigen testing was performed at an off-campus health care facility,” a statement from the university read.

The entire sorority house is in isolation or quarantine after the confirmed cases, and residents “will be prohibited from leaving the facility,” the university said.

Meanwhile, WRAL-TV examines what’s happening in Chapel Hill, NC.

To date, more than 140 students have tested positive for the virus, according to a live UNC coronavirus dashboard. 

More than 8% of student tests have come back positive, the dashboard shows. Between August 3 and August 9, the school reported 10 students tested positive for the virus and one employee was positive.

There have also been concerns at off-campus housing, where large gatherings at the pool have not followed safety measures like social distancing and masks.