University president: “We will keep the best people, and the rest of the people that don’t get on the bus, they need to find another place”

KVIA-TV has the details.

Floros said each department will have different levels of budget cuts depending on productivity and success. Some departments may see little to no budget decrease, while others may be cut substantially.

The comments by Floros concerned some faculty members, leading them to consider unionization.

“It just shows some of the people in administration are absolutely clueless to how hard we’re working and how dedicated we are,” said Christa Slaton, a professor at the university and former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “I can tell you, it just plummeted morale.”

And just when you thought it was time to send your kid back to school…

…the number of coronavirus cases among children is sharply rising.

As the Guardian reports, the medical community is trying to combat the “myth” that children cannot catch coronavirus.

“It reflects the state of the pandemic that is running unabated in the US at the moment,” she added. “If you try to reopen in places where the disease is raging, we’d see a rise of cases among children.”

Keep the kids home. And don’t let them play organized sports.

Wha-what? Trump considering pardoning Snowden?

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 27May2017

The Guardian takes a look at the (still rather flimsy) evidence that Donald Trump might pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Speculation is growing over whether Donald Trump might pardon Edward Snowden after the US president told an interviewer that the exiled former intelligence operative was “not being treated fairly”.

Count me among those who would most definitely support this.