BREAKING: CBS Sports reporting no college football this fall “inevitable”

CBS Sports reports it appears to be a question of when, not if, the college football season is postponed.

“It’s not fair what we’re doing to our coaches and student-athletes,” one long-time Power Five AD said. “The sooner we can come to a finality, the better.”

“I think it’s inevitable [the season will not be played in the fall],” said another veteran Power Five AD.

BREAKING: MAC cancels football season; first major conference to make that decision

The first FBS (basically Division I) conference has chosen to cancel its football season. And science appears to have been crucial in the decision.

The Stadium has the details.

The MAC reached its decision Saturday morning in a vote by the league’s presidents, sources said. The conference presidents initially met Thursday to finalize the league’s scheduling format. However, Northern Illinois president Lisa Freeman, a former research scientist at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, indicated her school would not play this fall because of the health and safety concerns, sources said.

“The league didn’t like the look of NIU going out on their own and not playing,” said a source, explaining the MAC’s non-vote on Thursday.