Pennsylvania governor recommends canceling school sports this fall; state’s sports governing body rips him

Tone deaf.

That’s the only way to describe the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association‘s response ( to the state’s governor recommendation that school-sponsored sports not be held this fall.

The PIAA’s statement indicates the board will meet tomorrow to decide whether to act on the governor’s recommendation. But the board also couldn’t resist taking a ridiculous and unnecessary shot at Gov. Tom Wolf.

Today, Governor Wolf issued a statement of strongly recommending no interscholastic and recreational sports until January 1 . We are tremendously disappointed in this decision.

Let’s ignore that the statement begins with poor grammar and focus on the obvious: Why was it necessary to blast the governor? The governor made a recommendation; he didn’t order the cancellation of sports. In addition, the recommendation takes into account the health and safety of the boys and girls competing in various sports as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

The PIAA’s board is certainly allowed to have personal opinions on what the governor said. But today that group demonstrated remarkable naïveté; “tremendously disappointed” suggests science be damned in the conversation about sports.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Female politician wears dress inside Parliament; one person accuses her of showing up to “collect payments for alcohol”

One woman wears one dress to one Parliament session and sexism runs rampant.

Yonhap has the details.

Rep. Ryu Ho-jeong of the progressive minor Justice Party drew public attention as photos of her walking down an aisle during a plenary parliamentary session Tuesday in a red wrap dress circulated online. 

As online reactions were largely divided on the fashion choice of Ryu, the youngest member of the assembly at age 28, some internet forum users launched misogynistic verbal attacks on the lawmaker. 

A member of a pro-government Facebook forum on Wednesday said Ryu looked as if she “came to the main assembly hall to collect payments for alcohol.”