Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has a proud heritage. But under the current disaster of a presidency, it instead has become another propaganda tool for the federal government.

Ignoring the obvious incompetence associated with the Lebanese government improperly storing thousands of pounds of ammonium nitrate, RFE/RL has chosen (more likely been told) to blame Russia for yesterday’s terrible tragedy.

Media reports say a large supply of ammonium nitrate that exploded on August 4 at a warehouse in the port of Beirut was likely unloaded there years earlier from a cargo ship that had been seized from its Russian owner, businessman Igor Grechushkin.

Seized, mind you. No, the people on the ship didn’t simply deliver ammonium nitrate to Beirut; rather, the ship was seized.

Dig deeper into the report and you read this:

The MV Rhosus was initially confiscated by Lebanese authorities in 2013 under an order by local inspectors in Beirut after it had entered the port due to technical problems, according to lawyers involved in a court case over its seizure.

This is disgraceful journalism. In fact, it’s not journalism. It’s a hit on Russia.